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About Sallies

About Sallies| Meet the Chef

Sallie’s Catering—"Good Old Fashioned Home Cooking” is the slogan, but it is much more than that. Treating appetites of all creed, color and fashion, this tradition that started in the south is spreading the love to all who love to eat. There are no pre-determined meals, but there is a guarantee that the consumer will be purchasing everything they ask for and more. There is no party or special event of any sort, occasion, season or heart’s desire to big or small for our kitchen and within a reasonable distance we will deliver at no extra charge.

The kitchen is more than happy to oblige any special request and all foods that leave the kitchen have their own unique taste that is not found at any other place, whether a neighborhood carry-out or five star restaurant. We will be the grandmother to your home and the personal chef to your family. With delights from Fried Turkey to Smothered Pork chops and French Apple Pie to mouth watering Banana Pudding, Sallie’s Catering will no doubt please those who love to eat.

Thank you for choosing Sallie’s Catering.